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In my lecture titled Girumeta dalla Montagna: The Divine Girl in Two Traditional Italian Folksongs I presented a psychological interpretation of two traditional folksongs from the Ticino region of Switzerland. The lecture has been published by Spring Journal Books in volume 5 of the Jungian Odyssey Series, (publication title: Love: Traversing Its Peaks and Valleys, Jungian Odyssey Series Vol. V.) As the music is part of the psychological interpretation, it is meaningful to make the following four interpretations available to readers of this article.

Music Credits

1. ‘Girumeta dalla Montagna’ (trad.), interpreted by Tandem Tinta Blu (Cornelia Montani, Joe Sebastian Fenner, Philipp Galizia), on Cod Bai Frends (Goodbye Friends), Audio CD released by Klaus Grimmer, Kyburg, Switzerland 2000.
2.‘Girumeta dalla Montagna’ (trad.), interpreted by Roberto e Dimitri, on Canti popolari nel Ticino (Traditional Folksongs from Ticino), Audio CD realeased by Claves Records, Thun, Switzerland 1993.
3.‘La figlia d’un pastor or Il cattivo custode’ (trad.), interpreted by Pietro Bianchi and Roberto Maggini, on Cantà pai sass (Songs for the Stones), Audio CD released by Emilia Pennnella and Paolo Rimoldi, Studio 2 della RSI 2002.
4.‘La figlia d’un pastor or Cattivo custode’ (trad.), interpreted by Vent Negru (Gabriele Martini, Esther Rietschin, Mauro Garbani) on Vent Negru (Strong Wind), Audio CD released by Jürgen Fischer, Losone Switzerland 1999.
Music / Girumeta
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